The World is Only a Game, a Vanity Fair

In Uncategorized on April 17, 2009 at 8:54 am

This week I taped interviews for two NPR shows,  “Only a Game” and “The World.” “Only a Game” will be broadcast tomorrow, Saturday. It airs on most stations at 7 a.m., but instead of setting your alarm you can listen to it anytime afterward at “The World” is scheduled to air next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Click here to see when it’s on where you live. Again, you can listen to it anytime afterward online.

I also did an interview yesterday with Tennis Week, which will appear on its website sometime soon.

The new (May) issue of Vanity Fair gives Splendor a one-sentence review (the only kind they do) in its “Hot Type” column: “For his smashing serve and spectacular rallies between sports history and political drama, game, set, and match go to Marshall Jon Fisher’s A Terrible Splendor.”

Also look for a review this Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle and a writeup with photo(s) in Jan Gardner’s “Shelf Life” column in the Boston Globe

Finally, click here for a view of the ad that Crown put in the new (May) issue of Harper’s.

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