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In Uncategorized on April 28, 2009 at 12:03 pm

The five-city, six-event Terrible Splendor World Tour ’09 kicked off last Wednesday with a reading at Books&Books in Coral Gables. Due to a great effort by my local connections, the room was packed, there were plenty of interesting questions, and the store sold all their copies of the book. The next reading is this Saturday morning at The Bookloft here in Great Barrington, Mass.

Richard Pagliaro at Tennis Week wrote a great review of the book, which you can see, along with his interview of me, at The Wall Street Journal also published a long review. Although a bit mixed, it was mostly positive, and apparently was responsible for a surge in sales. The Boston Globe also ran a brief review in Jan Gardner’s Sunday “Shelf Life” column. The Globe is planning a regular review as well this coming Sunday, as is the Washington Post

Finally, if you missed my NPR interviews, here are some convenient links to listen to just my parts of the shows: “The World” (click “download” or the arrow next to the speaker icon) and “Only a Game” (my segment begins at 48:10).

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