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Spiele and the Eagle

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A Terrible Splendor will be published in Germany in July, with the title Ich Spiele um Mein Leben (I’m Playing for My Life). The publisher, Osburg, plans to launch the book the week of July 18-26 at the German Open in Hamburg, and former Wimbledon champion Michael Stich has agreed to take part in the presentation. Click here to see the book’s pages in Osburg’s summer catalog.

Our local paper, the Berkshire Eagle, finally reviewed the book this past Sunday. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t faithfully read the Eagle cover to cover, you can view the review here. Got an even better writeup on the book’s Amazon page by Rob Hardy, one of Amazon’s Top-50 reviewers. I suppose these are people who review books as a hobby, although Hardy apparently also writes reviews for his local paper.

Look for a review in Sunday’s New York Times Book Review (online beginning Saturday morning), and then on Monday I’ll be doing a live radio interview on  “Writer’s Voice” on WMUA-FM (Amherst, MA), audible on their web site live or after the fact.

“I Was at That Match!”

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At the beginning of the question-and-answer session following my reading at The Bookloft in Great Barrington, Mass., a white-haired elderly lady stood up and declared, “I was at that match!”  She grew up just a mile from Wimbledon, she said, and for her sister’s sixteenth birthday they got tickets to the final day of the 1937 Interzone Final between the U.S. and Germany. In the last match of the day—the one they’d come for—she rooted for Cramm while her sister cheered on Budge. 

Other events brought similar surprises. During the Q&A at the Hall of Fame in Newport, Frank Crawford took the podium and reminisced at length about the Don Budge he had known for years in Maryland. And at the Cambridge Tennis Club on May 13, Bud Collins and his wife, Anita Klaussen made a surprise appearance—they had earlier RSVP’d that they would be in Europe by this time. Bud was very gracious and concluded the evening by saying some very nice words about the book to the audience of about a hundred club members and guests.

While in Boston, I taped an appearance on the sui generis “Literati Scene” TV show, produced top to bottom by the octogenarian husband-wife team of Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon, after which all the guests (and in my case wife and agent) were treated to lunch at the Park Plaza. When I know the air date, I’ll announce it for the benefit of those of you in the Boston area.

The only review since my last posting was this nice spread in the Washington Post on May 3. Looking forward now to the New York Times Book Review piece, which we are told is scheduled for May 31.

Finally, I’m happy to announce (unfficially, at this point) that we’ve sold a two-year option on the movie rights. This is still a long way from a movie being made—only 2-5% of options eventually result in a produced film—but it’s a big first step. More information coming next time, after the papers are signed.