Times Two Plus the BBC Too

In Uncategorized on June 20, 2009 at 10:28 pm

When I did my reading at Porter Square Books in Cambridge last month, the owner told me he had “heard from a reliable source” that I was going to be “very happy” with my forthcoming Times review. He was a bit coy, refusing to divulge his source. Reading that review in today’s New York Times Book Review, I realized this may have been because his “source” was either a dream his wife had or a fortune cookie from Wok ‘n Roll.

Or perhaps he was thinking of the Washington Times, which did publish this favorable piece.

It’s a shame the NYT didn’t think to do a joint review with that other “greatest match” book.

On Thursday, I had a message from one Aeneas Rotsis of BBC radio’s “Today” show, England’s most popular morning news show. Ignoring my unfortunate pronunciation of his first name when I called back, he said they’d like to interview me for their show this week, as Wimbledon opens. They’ve been having trouble booking a studio in Albany or Amherst, but when they do we’ll tape it, and I’ll let you all know when you can listen online.

I’ve also been asked to contribute to the New York Times tennis blog, “Straight Sets,” this week, and I’ll let you know when that’s online as well.

Wimbledon begins this week without it’s #1 Men’s seed, Rafael Nadal. Seventy years ago Wimbledon was also played without the man who presumably would have been top seed. In 1939, with Don Budge gone pro, Gottfried von Cramm was considered by most experts to be the world’s best amateur. He won the Queen’s Club warmup tournament easily, destroying Bobby Riggs in the finals. But the All England Club refused his entry for Wimbledon, as he was an ex-con—having been imprisoned by the Nazis for being homosexual. Riggs went on to win the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, and Cramm lost his last chance to become Wimbledon champion.

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