Errors in the 1st Hardcover Edition

Despite the efforts of all who scrupulously pored over each new set of galleys, some errors inevitably crept into the first edition. They have been corrected in the 2nd edition and the paperback. Aside from typos, here are some corrections that will be important to a few discerning readers:

p.42, line 7: The government printed new Rentenmarks

p.77. Middle of the page: “…had won more games (24-21)…” Should be 22-21.

p.80.  “…before the crowd could…assimilate the possibility that its man would actually fall to the newcomer,….” Though the plural use of “crowd” can be acceptable, it was inconsistent with elsewhere in the book, and in particular led to an embarrassing solecism on page 224 (see below).

pp.101, 121, 182, 235, 238.  During the Nazi era, the German Lawn Tennis Federation was absorbed into the national sports organization and became the Fachamt Tennis within the Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (later the Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen). So on the pages listed above, “the German Lawn Tennis Federation” should have been changed to “the German authorities,” “the heads of German tennis,” “the German tennis authorities,” or simply “German tennis.”

p.224. “And with that their arms are around each other, as the crowd, still on its feet, cheers and cheers.” Somehow, in the many rounds of editing, “its” had been changed to “their,” probably to be consistent with page 80 (see above); but the verb “cheers” had remained in the singular.

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